One Piece Kapitel 983 SPOILER

– Cover Story : Lola and Chiffon meet their father Pound.

-- Werbung --

– Perospero is approching Onigashima alone using his candy ability, he is not approving of the alliance.

– Prometheus chases down Nami, Zeus is worried he is going to die if he meets BigMom.

– Zoro and Kid are fighting against the gifters.

– Ulti and Luffy are headbutting each others (Ulti shouting her attack names)

– Ulti and Page One devil fruit reveal. Ulti has a Pachycephalosaurus Dinosaur Zoan.

– Yamato appears wearing a hannya (Oni )mask, and attacks Ulti making her fall with the fodders around getting confused.

– Yamato uses „Boku“ to refer to himself.

– Yamato picks up Luffy and escapes from the beast pirates fodders.

Yamato : Straw Hat Luffy, right? I’ve been waiting for you all this time. My name is Yamato!! I’m Kaido’s son!!

-Yamato’s appearance is said to be slim.

-Yamato’s arm length = The total length of Luffy. (Approximately 5m?).

-There is a scene where Momonosuke is tied to the cross.



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